Why buying an ordinary Mall picture?

With Milano Panoramica canvas prints your paintings become real decor objects to impress your friends!
The canvas print of Milan is also a great gift idea!

The excellence

Milano Panoramica offers you a high quality and custom made product: two different types of frames to choose from three types of professional canvas, over 100 framed print sizes and a team of designers available for you at anytime.


Unlike paper print or large format prints on art paper, the fine structure of the canvas gives it a very unique overall effect, which enhances the original image, making it even more impressive, a true design object.

This effect contributes to highlight the given depth of the frame which, among other things, can be chosen between different formats.

Frames and additional protections

DSC_4593There are two types of frame: Standard (elegant and sturdy wood frame made in Italy with a thickness of 1.7 cm) and Gallery (more imposing, the thickness 4.5 cm).

The additional reinforced covering of our prints are highly professional solutions that can provide total protection during shipping. If you wish, you may request a waterproof protective covering or a 100% shield from UV rays. The opaque flter still guarantees an excellent color rendering.

The replicated board allows you not lose valuable portions of the image.


Formats and Prices

Prices vary depending on the format chosen and the type of frame required and starts from € 28.
Click here to learn about the available different formats.


Shipping prices are € 15 regardless of the size of the canvas.
Costs are inclusive of all charges for standard packaging, in order to ensure the integrity of your canvas print.
Your order will be ready for shipping in 4 to 8 working days after receiving the payment.
On Christmas time it can take up to 10 / 12 business days.
Delivery times may vary, depending on the country of destination.