Milano panoramica is a photographic archive taken from various high place and views of the city.
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I like, a bit like Spiderman, jumping between the highest points of the city and tell so my Milan from a personal point of view to give unprecedented views of the city. I follow this photographic project about 5 years, showing Milan from a vertical perspective, yet so intimate, a Milan that we have never seen. I like that picture that takes me the whole evening but it’s worth it, I like to find the right spot for a particular shot even if takes me days and days of the organization; I like that shot given birth to a precise meteorological research, pecking at the sky right in Milan is not easy! I like that shot that is unique, that makes me excited to go home, to say to the people: “Milan is also this.”

Francesco Langiulli author and photographer of “Milano Panoramica” project


We believe that Milanopanoramica photos are a clear demonstration that the photograph tells you what she wants to tell. Just as the author of these images shows that the Milan is lovely, and somehow intimate, despite the resume points which in theory should suggest a certain detachment. Contrary to allow us to enter into an unusual size, all of which perhaps makes us realize, thanks to the sense of the whole, the complexity of the urban Milanese. That complexity that daily life lost in transportation, labor and an assortment of urban frenzy that knows well those who live in a big city, are unable to savor and enjoy. This then is the significance of photography: allow through the eyes of another person to enter into a dimension that we had never granted. Showing a beautiful Milan to those who live every day, especially if it is born, is an almost titanic undertaking, but Francesco succeeded brilliantly and fully certify the consistency of this result with respect to the intent. Milan is not only gray and sad, even when it is, it can be interesting and have its charm, in this we fully agree with Francesco that was really good to prove it with his photographs.

NPhotography N° 17, Article by Sandro Iovine editor of “Il Fotografo”

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